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It's the season for itchy eyes!!

We get calls pretty regularly asking "Hey it's allergy season, I want to scratch my eyes out!! What can I do about that?" - Well, you are welcome to come on in for a full eye exam and we can discuss all the treatment options for allergic conjunctivitis at length; you will gain knowledge and the business will gain a little revenue... That's a win win!!

BUT here is some FREE information that can help almost anyone suffering from allergies that bother their eyes.

1) Start a good oral antihistamine like Claritin or Zyrtec (loratadine or cetirizine) - try to start this about a week before you the offending agent is about to bloom - this works great if you can tell the future!!

2) Use a good antihistamine eyedrop and use it religiously!! Symptoms or not, rain or shine use your drops every day, or twice a day - do what the bottle says! Look for active ingredients like ketotifen, olopatadine, or alcaftadine.

3) Keep it COOL!! Use some cold therapy - this involves running a clean washcloth under the coldest water you can get your faucet to produce, wring out and apply to your eyes. AHHH!!

4) Try to close your windows at night - I know the fresh air feels nice, but it contains the tiny particles that have your immune system on high alert, so try to limit their entry into your home.

5) Shower before bed - not only does this help you sleep but it washes all the allergens out of your hair and off your face so you don't toss and turn in them all night long.

6) Wash your pillow cases often, I try to change all my bedding once a week.

Well, I really hope this helps a few of you out there that might be suffering this time of year. I know I have a happier home now that I've implemented some of these very practices on my own family members.

Dr. Tia Huber - owner, Wink Optometric

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